Volunteer Opportunities in Cohasset MA

Paul Froio Massachusetts

September 9, 2022


If you’re looking for volunteer opportunities in Cohasset, MA, you may be surprised to learn that there are not many. Although there are many volunteer organizations in the area, there aren’t many volunteer coordinator positions in Cohasset. If you’re looking for a volunteer coordinator position, consider searching nearby regions. You might be able to find a place in a much larger organization that needs people to coordinate their efforts.

Stand Up for Kids needs to volunteer

Volunteers are needed in Cohasset, MA, to help the organization serve homeless and street kids. The organization relies on volunteers to fill various roles, including event planning, supply management, fundraising, office administration, and more. More than one million hours of community service and 100 000 counseling sessions have been performed by volunteers. In addition, StandUp for Kids has been listed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in its 2003 Directory of Organizations Serving Homeless People. It is also featured in the book 50 Ways to Save Our Children.

Volunteers can help by serving meals to hungry children or helping them access resources. In addition, volunteers are needed to help out with counseling and advocacy. StandUp For Kids also provides meals to homeless youth. If you are interested in helping, contact the local organization’s office or fill out a quick application. A volunteer will be in touch with you to schedule an interview to meet with the organization. StandUp for Kids also seeks national sponsors for its events and needs volunteers in Cohasset to spread the word about the cause.

Volunteer coordinators monitor the property’s use and condition

As a volunteer coordinator, you’ll typically work for nonprofit organizations, healthcare facilities, and government agencies. You’ll also work closely with local schools and other institutions. Volunteer coordinators manage volunteers’ schedules and organize projects. Your job might also involve verification documents. Here are some examples of volunteer coordinator resumes. Describe the duties of a Volunteer Coordinator and build your resume accordingly. If you’re a volunteer coordinator, consider this career path!

As a volunteer, you’ll be expected to regularly monitor the use and condition of conservation land in your area. You’ll record your observations on a standard form and may be encouraged to take photos. The monitors will conduct thorough on-the-ground inspections of land and artificial features. They’ll also replace or post easement boundary markers and signs. Your observations will be shared with your volunteer supervisor or conservation commission.

Volunteers advocate for women’s reproductive rights

Volunteering for a local group focused on reproductive rights is an excellent option if you’re looking for a way to help make a difference in your community. You’ll be part of a community passionate about changing the laws restricting women’s ability to choose whether to have an abortion. By becoming involved, you’ll help create a more equitable environment for women seeking abortions and positively impact the lives of women and their families.

Many organizations in Cohasset are seeking volunteers to help with their programs. For example, the planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts and the University of Massachusetts, Boston, need volunteers to help at their children’s health centers and homeless shelters. The Home for Little Wanderers also needs volunteers for tutoring and orientations. So whether you’re looking for a way to get involved in a community fostering reproductive rights, Rosie’s Place is the perfect fit.

Volunteers assist at health centers

If you want an opportunity to help, consider volunteering at one of the health centers in Cohasset. These organizations provide a wide variety of medical services. Volunteers are needed to assist with the daily operations of these facilities, including food drives, medical records management, and intake. For this opportunity, volunteers must have a driver’s license and be at least 18 years old. Depending on the project, time commitments can range from three hours per week to 15 hours per month.