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serves as an executive in product creation, responsible for design, development, and marketing of product ranges

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Paul Froio of Massachusetts has spent his entire career in the footwear industry, with over 27 years of experience at Reebok. He has held a variety of progressive roles within the company, with increasing responsibility and impact. In his current role, he is responsible for designing, developing, and marketing products for commercial channels of distribution. Throughout his careerHey, Paul has been driven by a desire to create products that resonate with consumers and help them achieve their fitness goals. He is committed to delivering quality product ranges that meet the needs of today's active consumers.

Paul Froio has been a devoted and respected leader at Reebok and Adidas since 1994. For 27 years, he has provided exceptional team leadership, growth-driven strategy, and bottom-line outcomes for these top athletic brands. 

Froio is not only a successful company executive but also a loving spouse and father to three kids. Paul Froio, a citizen of Massachusetts, enjoys boating, golfing, and traveling extensively.

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Paul Froio of Massachusetts currently serves as an executive in product creation, responsible for designing, developing, and marketing product ranges for commercial distribution channels. He will mark his 27th anniversary with the Reebok corporation in October 2021. During his Reebok career, Paul Froio of Massachusetts has enjoyed success in diverse roles of progressive importance, scope, and responsibility, including Manager of Sales Operations, National Account Manager - Athletic Specialty, Director of Sales/Sales Director, Head of Sport, Marketing & Merchandising, Vice President, U.S. Retail, V.P. of Global Business Development, Emerging Markets, and Vice President, Global Core Footwear. Paul Froio of Massachusetts has hit many career milestones throughout his Reebok tenure and doesn't plan on stopping.

Paul Froio is a highly successful business executive and entrepreneur. He resides in Massachusetts with his wife and three children, all of whom are the light of his life. An avid boater, golfer, and traveler, Paul loves nothing more than spending time with his family and friends. He takes great pride in his accomplishments as a husband and father, and is grateful for all the blessings that he has been given.

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